Thursday, January 24, 2013

Virtual Access Point / Hotspot using Connectify Hotspot

When I don't have a wireless router or access point, and just GSM modem beside me. There's a way to share the internet connection over the wireless device. I just try how to make a virtual hotspot using my wireless device built-in in my laptop. There's my step using Connectify Hotspot.

  1. Download it from Connectify Hotspot then install it in my system.
  2. The installation is clearly simple, sometimes it ask to turn off your antivirus, but it doesn't matter. After installation finish, you need to restart your system to apply the changes.
  3. Configure the settings, its pretty simple, just specify the hotspot name, password and connection to share.
  4. Try to connect to your virtual hotspot using your wireless devices, such as smartphone, tablets, etc.
  5. Enjoy your internet sharing.

Download Connectify Hotspot

Configure the hotspot

Monitor the connected devices 

Connected to Virtual Hotspot

My BlackBerry Connected to Virtual Hotspot